The Supremacy Of God

We believe God is supremely glorious, the fountain of all true and lasting joy. Consequently, our passion is to magnify His greatness, recognizing that the deepest human needs are met only as we find our satisfaction in Him.

The Christ-Centered Scriptures

We regard the Bible as our ultimate authority. Much more than a code of ethics, it is the treasure map that unfailingly leads us to God’s life-transforming message in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Sufficiency Of The Gospel

We confess the gospel of Jesus Christ as the only message that can bring fallen humanity into a saving relationship with God and effect ongoing maturity in the life of the Christian. All of ministry is to be shaped by the gospel.

The Significance Of Community

We affirm that every individual is an image-bearer of God, thus deserving dignity and respect. At the same time, authentic Christianity is more than a personalized salvation experience. It is lived out in the context of community, distinguished by mutual affection, ministry, and care.

The Devotion To Mission

We acknowledge that Jesus Christ has mandated the mission of the church. Therefore, we are to engage our community and the world with the call of the gospel, seeking to make disciples of all nations.

The Priority Of Pastoral Training

We direct intentional effort to preparing men for church planting and other expressions of pastoral leadership. These apprentices are given opportunities within the congregation to exercise various tasks related to pastoral ministry, thus validating their respective gifts and callings.

The Pursuit Of Excellence

We strive to do everything with a quality that reveals our full devotion to the lordship of Jesus Christ. Excellence, organization, aesthetic beauty, and preparedness distinguish our efforts in all areas of ministry.