Trinity Church has deemed it necessary to establish a formal congregational membership that is clearly defined and carefully maintained. Our desire is to enable both church leaders and members to more efficiently identify and exercise their respective responsibilities to God, one another, and the world.

According to the New Testament, Elders/Pastors have a specific commission from God on behalf of a particular congregation for which they are directly accountable. Elders are responsible to shepherd and oversee, which includes leading, feeding, and protecting. Membership identifies those who have entered into a bond of commitment with our church, and who our Elders will give an account for.



What Does the Membership Process Look Like?

The process usually goes as follows:

  • A prospective member attends Trinity Explored.

  • Upon completion of Trinity Explored, an application form is filled out and a personal interview conducted by one of the elders.

  • The interviewing elder will present the application to the council of elders with his recommendation.

  • Upon the approval of the elders, the prospective member signs the Membership Covenant.

  • The new member is presented to the congregation and publicly received into the fellowship of Trinity Church.

2019 Trinity Explored Remaining Classes Scheduled:

Oct 6, Dec 8

*Attending Trinity Explored does not commit you to membership. It is an informational meeting covering the distinctives, leadership, and membership of Trinity Church.

What Does it mean to be a member of Trinity Church?

To better understand what you can expect as a member from Trinity Church please read our membership covenant below.

Membership Covenant

How Do I Update My Membership Information?

How Do I Apply for Membership?

After you have attended Trinity Explored you can fill out the application below for our Pastors to review and set up a casual meeting with you to go through the application. Think of it as a coffee chat where you're getting to know one of our Pastors.